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The Great Greek

Authentic Recipes. Legendary Flavours.

About The Great Greek

The Great Greek Grill exceeds customer expectations by preparing fresh and fulfilling meals from high-quality ingredients, every day.

Owned by third generation restaurateurs, The Great Greek Grill has been in the business of delicious food for over 30 years. Delicious food is what we know, what we do, and what we love. We make a point of making each meal a memorable one.

Patrons keep coming back to our restaurant because we consistently serve high-quality meals that exceed customer expectations—and this is the same across all our franchise locations.

But how do we do that, you may ask? Well, our team takes pride in using only the freshest, quality ingredients for meals that we prepare daily. Therefore, we consistently serve great Greek food that encourages patrons to stop by for a delicious feast on a regular basis.

That isn’t to mention how our delicious food makes way for Greek-style family bonding—sharing delightful stories and abundant laughter while enjoying meals together. It is no wonder, then, that customers continue to support our endeavour to share the goodness of Mediterranean dining.

Spread the goodness of Mediterranean dining through The Great Greek Grill franchise opportunities.
Our Greek restaurant is on the radar of foodies because we serve memorable meals. Customers keep coming back week after week because our team uses the freshest ingredients for dishes that are prepared every day.

When you decide to open a Great Greek Grill franchise, you are setting yourself up for a potentially successful venture that shares the goodness of Mediterranean dining. And we are confident in our food and our restaurant because all our current locations serve nothing less than delicious Greek meals made from the freshest ingredients.

Our Franchise Opportunity Has Multiple Advantages
As a restaurateur about to invest in a franchising opportunity, you’re probably asking about what exactly is in store for you. Well, when you take the opportunity we offer, you can be sure of running a restaurant franchise that brings in a high return on investment.

Currently, we have many restaurant and catering patrons who keep coming back for their Greek food fix. These two streams of revenue—traditional dining and catering—keep you busy. Your restaurant franchise will benefit from the existing demand from our pool of loyal customers even as you are attracting new business and winning over new patrons every day.

Furthermore, we have been in the industry for so long that we have perfected an operational process that results in a successful track record. We’ll let you in on this process once you decide to open a restaurant franchise with us.

Franchise opportunities may be everywhere, but great franchising opportunities are not easy to come by. So, grab the opportunity to open a The Great Greek Grill restaurant franchise while you can.

Fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you soon to discuss our franchise opportunities.

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The Great Greek
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Franchise Details

Franchise Fee
Royalty Fee
6% of gross sales revenue per month
Min Working Capital
Minimum Investment
$650,000 to $800,000