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Posted 01/07/2023 in Franchising

List of Franchise Associations Around the World

List of Franchise Associations Around the World

Franchise Associations are the peak bodies representing the franchise sector in their country or region, and sometimes the best starting point to learning about the franchise sector. 

Here is a handy list of franchise associations, which monitor franchisors and franchises in their respective countries around the world.

AUSTRALIA: The Franchise Council of Australia (FCA)

AUSTRIA: Österreichische Franchise-Verband (ÖFV)

BELGIUM: Federation Belge de la Franchise (BFF)

CANADA: Canadian Franchise Association (CFA)

CZECH REPUBLIC: Czech Franchise Association (ČAF)

EGYPT: Egyptian Franchise Development Association (EFDA)

EUROPE: European Franchise Federation (EEF)

FINLAND: Suomen Franchising-Yhdistys

FRANCE: Federation Française de la Franchise (FFF)

GERMANY: German Franchise Association e.V.

IRELAND: Irish Franchise Association

ITALY: Associazione Italiana Del Franchising (AssoFranchising)

NETHERLANDS: Nederlandse Franchise Vereniging (NFV)

MALAYSIA: Malaysian Franchise Association

NEW ZEALAND: Franchise Association of New Zealand

POLISH: Polish Franchise Association

PORTUGALAssociação Portuguesa de Franchising

ROMANIA: Romania Franchise Association (ARF)

RUSSIA: Russian Franchise Federation

SLOVENIA: Slovenian Franchise Association

SOUTH AFRICA: Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA)

SPAIN: Asociación Española de Franquiciadores (AEF)

SWEDEN: Swensk Franchise

SWITZERLAND: Swiss Franchise Association

UNITED KINGDOM: British Franchise Association (BFA)

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA/INTERNATIONAL: International Franchise Association (IFA)

Updated: July 26, 2023